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    APDC Volumn Up Conditioner 250ml
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    APDC Volumn Up Conditioner 250ml

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    Brand: APDC Japan
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    • Vegetable amino acids and natural chitosan repair damage and increase hair strength
    • The scent of tea tree remains even after drying
    • After drying, the scent of refreshing tea tree will last.

    Made of plant ingredients. 
    It feels like a salon!

    "A feeling of volume to the hair of the dog with a small amount of hair and hair!" A vegetable amino acid and natural chitosan, mango seed butter, etc. are blended in the conditioner made from such thought, and a healthy volume feeling is realized Did. Gives a sense of elasticity and elasticity to the hair, solid finish that has a sense of volume, is recommended for dog breeds of wire coats such as peek-like curly coats and terriers. 
    After drying, the scent of refreshing tea tree will last. 

    How to Use:

    After shampooing, wash the dog's whole body with an appropriate amount of conditioner solution or a solution diluted 2 to 8 times, and then rinse off. 


    Mango seed butter, vegetable amino acids, chitosan, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, citronella oil, blended essential oils