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    Baby Snappy Tom with Beef Feast Can 150g x 6

    Baby Snappy Tom with Beef Feast Can 150g x 6

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    SKU: STBBEEFF150-01
    Weight: 1 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: Snappy Tom
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    • With Omega 3
    • Grain free
    • With added vitamins & minerals
    • Complete & balanced meal
    • AAFCO compliant

    Kittens will start eating solid food around five to six weeks in the form of moistened kitten food. With Baby Snappy Tom range, there's no need to mix solid with formula to form slush but the texture of Baby Snappy Tom is so fine that you can even syringe feed kitten out from the can.

    Ingredient list: Meat and meat by products (derived from beef, tuna and chicken), vitamins and minerals, jelly powder, vegetable oil, food coloring

    Feeding Guide: Feeding you kitten a daily ration of about 120g per kg of body weight and divide all daily meals into 2 or more servings. The amount fed can be adjusted according to your kitten breed, weight, age and activity level.Serve at room temperature and ensure fresh clean water in available at all times.

    Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein :7.5% min crude fat :2% min crude fibre : 1% moisture : 87 % salt : 15 max