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    APDC Moisture Mist 125ml
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    APDC Moisture Mist 125ml

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    Weight: 300 grams
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    Brand: APDC Japan
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    • Contains eucalyptus oil and pyroctone olamine to suppress dandruff and itching
    • Allantoin formulation that protects the skin, prevents rough skin and repairs skin cells
    • For dry skin
    • When dandruff caused by dry skin are concerned
    • Dogs of dry skin, daily care of the dog whose skin barrier function is weakening

    Gently care dry! 
    Dandruff, prevent itching and itchy.

    Toner for dogs that sticks to moisturizing effect, which prevents drying which causes skin trouble. It also contains ingredients to suppress dandruff and itching. 
    Not only in the winter when the skin tends to be rusty, of course, it is low irritation, so you can use it all-season every day. 
    It is also recommended for dogs with sensitive skin and elderly dogs with weakened skin barrier function, dogs with hair coat with passion. 


    Macadamia nut oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, vegetable glycerin, allantoin, piroctone olamine, preservatives

    How to use:

    • Please use it when moisturizing is worrisome or after shampooing.
    • Please spray directly on the skin of the dog and let me fit.
    • You can use it many times a day.