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    Pedigree Dentastix Small Dog 210g x 2

    Pedigree Dentastix Small Dog 210g x 2

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    SKU: 9334214022871-01
    Weight: 500 grams
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    Brand: PEDIGREE
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    • The perfect combination of great tasting real meat and a soft chewy texture make this a special treat to share every day.
    • As Dogs bring out the good in us, Pedigree® brings out the good in them.
    • Active ingredients (Zinc Sulphate & STPP), reduce tartar build-up.

    Pedigree Dentastix Daily Chew Reduce Tartar Build-up Cleaner Small Dog Treats

    Offer your pet a delicious chew stick that assisting you for her oral care. Pedigree Dentastix help for a long-lasting deep clean treat with great tastes, and is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. It’s designed perfect for tiny mouth to encourage chewing and helps gently scrape and helps flight bad breath by cleaning down to the gum line, to help prevent plaque build-up.