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      Kit Cat Premium 15kg - Classic 32
      RM  282.00  239.70  
      Kit Cat Premium 15kg - Classic 32
      • Hairball Control
      • Reduce Odour
      • No Pork, No Lard
      • Taurine Added
      • Prevent Tartar
      RM282.00  239.70   15%
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      Kit Cat Soya Clump 7L - Charcoal
      • Soymilk manufacturer generates approximately over thousand tons of soybean wastage daily which are mainly disposed in a landfill.
      • Henceforth, you can be a part to protect and care for our Mother Earth with the use of our Kit Cat SoyaClump
      • Kit Cat Soya Clump 100% Natural Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Soybean Cat Litter
      RM34.00  28.00   18%
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      Primal Dog Freeze Dried Chicken 14oz - 2 Free 1
      • Fresh chicken for superior levels of amino and essential fatty acids.
      • Finely ground, fresh chicken bones for optimum levels of calcium
      • Organic produce for food-derived vitamins A, B-complex, C and D.
      • Salmon oil for essential omega-3 fatty acids.
      • Organic and unrefined nutritional supplements for digestion and circulation.
      • Vitamin E as an antioxidant.
      • Organic coconut oil for short and medium chain saturated fatty acids.
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      Alps Pureness Cold Water Salmon Recipe 13kg
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Optimal Digestion
      • Strong Immune System
      • Skin & Coat Care
      • Naturally Preserved
      • Great Taste
      RM207.00  176.00   15%
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