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    Biokat's Bianco Extra Classic 5kg x 3

    Biokat's Bianco Extra Classic 5kg x 3

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    SKU: CA-520-1
    Weight: 15 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: Biokat's
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    • White color litter
    • With activated carbon, anti-bacterial
    • Powerful odor binding & absorption
    • Intense clumping action, dust-free
    • Economical, a little goes a long way

    Biokat’s is a clumping, natural clay litter which carefully selected of natural components to provide maximum absorption of this cat litter, avoiding the abuse of chemicals.

    This natural clay litter was collected from Bavaria, Germany and is processed in an environmentally-friendly way.

    This white colour litter will makes the unusual cat urine easily noticeable, as a parameter for checking your cat health.

    No fragrance added suitable for those cat which dislike or sensitive to the fragrance. While this advantages, activated carbon completely natural produced was added in this cat litter; combination with the bentonite made both pure natural materials that work together when it comes to odour binding more efficiency and greater.

    The large inner surface of activated carbon consists many special pores that encloses a large amount of bad smells, really help in binding the bad smell of cat daily excrements.

    This biokat’s sand allows a great hygienic control thanks to its powerful absorption capacity and its binder function, able to compact very quickly and effectively those parts that come into contact with liquid.

    Your cat will feel comfortable surrounded by a dry sand and the pleasant aroma that gives off this variety of perfumed sand, while you forget about unpleasant surprises and extra cleaning sessions.

    1 bag of 5kg Biokat's Bianco Extra Classic can last-long 25 days for an average 5kg 1 cat with proper use.

    Biokat's Bianco Extra Classic with natural activated carbon is produced from coconut shells, a renewable raw material. Activated carbon is highly effective for odor control.

    Some cats suffer from urinary tract infection, which can usually be detected in your cat's urine color. Biokat's Bianco Classic's white grains makes unusual cat urine easily noticeable.

    Biokat's Blanco Extra Classic is made from especially fine, white grains and is up to 100% dust-free. It has an extra strong absorbency and traps unpleasant odors firmly within its pores. Biokat's forms firm clumps which makes it easier to remove.

    • Add approximately 7cm (3 inches) of Biokat's Bianco Extra Classic cat litter into a clean, dry litter box (this allows your cat to dog and cover their waste naturally).

    • Scoop out waste daily. Throw away waste. DO NOT FLUSH.

    • Add more Biokat's Bianco Extra Classic cat litter as necessary to maintain a depth of 4 inches.