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        APDC Kirei Ear Clean Water 100ml
        • Essentials Care Ear Cleaner
        • for dogs safely and gently cleans ears
        • loosens debris and removes excess ear wax
        • leaving no oily residue.
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        Nutrivet Ear Cleanse Liquid for Dogs 4oz
        • Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse is a veterinarian-formulated ear wash for dogs designed to gently clean and deodorize your dog’s ear canals and flaps, removing dirt, wax, and other material.
        • This dog ear cleaner also inhibits itching associated with allergic reactions.
        • Provides relief for an itchy dog due to eczema, fungal infection, insect bites, fleas or contact dermatitis.
        • Soothing aloe vera reduces inflammation.
        • Salicylic acid causes the outer layers of the skin in the ear canal to shed more readily, allowing for new cell growth.
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        Petarmor Dog Ear Mite & Tick Treatment 88ml
        • Simple way to kill ticks and ear mites in dogs
        • Relieves the constant itching caused by these pests
        • Powerful formula also contains aloe to help soothe your dog's ears
        • Safe for dogs and puppies at least 12 weeks old
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