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        Mydilab Betta Relax 50ml
        Mydilab Betta Relax 50ml
        • Act as a tonic to promote vibrant coloration & enchance betta's natural color
        • Speed up healing of fin damage and body injuries
        • Plant extract containing humic acids and tannins are known to be antibacterial
        • Contain yucca extract that bind to ammonia (NH3) in water
        • Contain calcium for muscle activation and for strong bones, teeth & scale development
        • Lower water pH and absorb harmful chemicals
        • Add essential trace elements to the water
        • Spurs nest-building activity
        • Allow the bubbles to hold together more firmly as well as enhancing fertility of the egg
        • Created with natural ingredients
        • Recommended for fish that prefer tannin stained black-water stream
        • Recommended for all freshwater fish kept in small containers without a filter, especially during transportation
        • 50ml treats 50L for startup, up to 100L for maintenance
        • For freshwater use
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