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  • Based on pure water, super-electrolytic ionized water and natural amino acid wash away eye spots and dust & prevent bacterial breeding
  • Synthetic chemical ingredients that will irritate the eyes are not used at all
  • Non alcohol / neutral and hypoallergenic
  • Contains eye-moisturizing amino acids, plant extracts
  • Effectively remove tear stain
  • Vegetable amino acids and natural chitosan repair damage and increase hair strength
  • The scent of tea tree remains even after drying
  • After drying, the scent of refreshing tea tree will last
  • Easy to use with foam bottles from which bubbles come out
  • We carefully select and use safe plant ingredients even if they remain on the skin
  • When you take off your stain by the entrance on your way home
  • When you can not shampoo in sickness or during long-term care
  • When dropping a little dirty after meals
  • Instead of emergency shampoo